Charges, Rates and Public Hearing Notice

Mosquito and Vector Control services are funded by special levies on properties that were approved by property owners following special mail-out ballot procedures in 2004-06. The rates are adjusted with inflation and are subject to an annual hearing before the County Board of Supervisors.

UPDATED 4/16/2024:

  • If your property is in the South County, please see the rates for both assessments ( CSA No. 53 and 53S) and add them together for your property type.
  • North County property owners have one assessment charge (CSA No. 53N). 

To find your specific property charge, search the charge tables using your parcel number (found on your tax bill). Again, South County property owners should add their charges from the two tables, CSA No. 53 and 53S. In general, South County property rates are higher (more need for mosquito and vector services and less density of parcels) but receive a greater proportion of our resources.